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How Our Multi-Level Affiliate Program Works

Affiliate 'A' signs up and places a sign up link on his/her web site.

Affiliate 'B' is referred (via website banner/link, social networking etc.) by Affiliate 'A' .

Affiliate 'C' is referred by Affiliate 'B'... and so on.

When you join our affiliate program, you will be supplied with a range of banners and textual links that you place within your site.

When a customer makes a purchase through a link on Affiliate A's site, Affiliate A will receive the tier-1 commission rate for each product that is ordered.

When a customer makes a purchase through a link on B's site, B will receive the tier-1 commission rate for each product that is ordered and A will receive the second tier commission.

When someone makes a purchase from a link on C's site C will receive the tier-1 commission rate for each product ordered, B will receive the second tier commission and A will receive the third tier commission, and so on.

Each MyWeedSeeds.com Affiliate Marketer places a sign up form link and a sales link on his or her web site or uses your sales pages, which can be personalized for each MyWeedSeeds.com Affiliate Marketer.

Each MyWeedSeeds.com Affiliate Marketer earns the tier-1 commissions for MyWeedSeeds.com sales that come through his sales link and also earns a smaller commission for sales by the affiliates that have signed up through his or her sign up form link.

Use your Website, Blog or Newsletter.

MyWeedSeeds.com Affiliate Marketers who already operate a website, blog, ezine or newsletter can take advantage of our Promotional Tools to add text links and/or banners to their site and newsletters.

Your earning potential is limited only by your own imagination.

It’s that simple!

No website is required.

You can start participating in the exploding global market for our products by utilizing your Social Networking Skills by promoting our online MegaStore via your Social Network accounts such as...

Digg and many more.

Monthly Payout to your PayPal account

We offer affiliates who have a PayPal account the opportunity to receive payment directly to their accounts on a Monthly basis.

Promote Individual Products or our MegaStore

Affiliates can earn high commissions by promoting individual products in niche markets or by promoting our online Seed Vault. Receive even more commission payouts when you sign up new Affiliates to our Global Network of Sales Professionals.

Real-Time Stats and Reporting!

Login 24 hours a day to check your sales, traffic, current earnings and see how your banners are performing. Our affiliate software gives you a clear overview of how many visitors you are referring & much money you are making.

Commission Payout Scale

Let's take a look at the Commission Payout Scale for a sale of $100.

The Affiliate that directly referred the customer, whether through a banner/text link on their website or by using their Social Networking skills or even word of mouth...

is Level 1...

Level 1  = 20.0% - Your earnings per $100 sale = $20.00

level 2   = 4.0%   - Your earnings per $100 sale = $4.00

level 3   = 3.6%   - Your earnings per $100 sale = $3.60

level 4   = 3.2%   - Your earnings per $100 sale = $3.20

level 5   = 2.8%   - Your earnings per $100 sale = $2.80

level 6   = 2.4%   - Your earnings per $100 sale = $2.40

level 7   = 2.0%   - Your earnings per $100 sale = $2.00

level 8   = 1.6%   - Your earnings per $100 sale = $1.60

level 9   = 1.2%   - Your earnings per $100 sale = $1.20

level 10 =0.8%    - Your earnings per $100 sale = $0.80

Affiliate Chart

If it's all a bit too confusing... never fear our Affiliate Support Team
stand at the ready 24-7 to answer your questions and assist you
in any way they can.


Payout Details
Commission Type Pay-Per-Sale 20% commission per level one sale.
Payout Requirements $100.00 USD - Minimum balance required for payout.
Payout Duration Payments are made once per month, for the previous month.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q - How much do I get paid?

A - No one can predict exactly how much any one Affiliate will earn, as with most things, the return is directly effected by the
amount of effort contributed.

Q -Does it cost anything to become a Myweedseeds Affiliate?

A - No. Joining our Multi Tier Affiliate program is absolutely 100% FREE.

Q - When will I get paid my commission?

A - Affiliate commissions are paid out between the first and fifth day of each month,

Q - What type of person is Myweedseeds seeking as affiliates?

A - We are seeking like-minded, motivated, results driven professionals, with the desire to innovatively market our product in an honest and truthful manner.

Q - What type of website is best to affiliate with MyWeedSeeds.com

A - Such sites could include: Headshop directories, Internet directories, cannabis forums, Twitter cannabis community, Facebook and cannabis community that likely People or businesses that would interested in cannabis seeds. We do reserve the right to cancel your submission or cancel our affiliate relationship at any time if your site is deemed offensive or is deemed as undesirable for us to be affiliated with Myweedseeds.

Q - How does Myweedseeds track orders coming from my website?

A - You place a banner, hyperlink, or text link on your site (you can find the code links and banners when you login to your affiliate account back office) The instant a sale is made, your affiliate account is credited with the appropriate commissions on all levels. The whole process is virtually invisible to your visitors.

Q - How do I create banner and link codes?

A - As soon as you complete the online application, a password and User name will be emailed to you. The HTML code with your ID in them will be made available to you in your back office where you login to your account. Then you can use them immediately.

Q - Will you provide me with banners and graphics to use for my site?

A - Yes. We provide different banners, buttons and graphics for you to use all in your back office. You can also use just a text link, or design your own banner or graphic as long as we approve it.